The Dog Finds a Home

Well fate is a funny thing I’ll tell you, I was at work at the fire station the other day, just me and the new guy on our shift, when one of our police officers walked in with the most adorable little dog; black and white, definitely part Heeler and as sweet as can be. He looked like he could be Rhylee’s little brother! The new guy just bought a house with his girlfriend and I’ve been threatening them with a house warming dog, because lets face it, what’s a house without a dog? Our friend the officer explained that the poor little guy had been found a week earlier wandering around town and in spite of an enormous effort on their part, they’d been unable to find his owners. The funny thing about this dear pup is that he has just about the most irresistible personality in the history of dogdom and everyone at the police station had been taking him home at night just to keep him out of the pound; he’s just that adorable. To make a long story short, my work partner was pretty much a lost cause from the first minute and his girl friend was at the station just a few hours later giving her stamp of approval.

Now these two people aren’t exactly your typical 9-5ers; they’re both world champion bike riders and firefighters who manage very busy, successful careers AND are renovating a house and still, they’ve swept this little lost dog into their lives, filled his world with love and care and attention and everyone is a lot better for it. Don’t you just love a great story like that?

And one of the best things about it is that my husband and I get to dog sit when they’re traveling, so I get to be a part of this happy puppy’s life too. And Juno and Rhylee adore him as much as he loves them. He’s had a few sleepovers at the fire station with us and I can’t tell you how lucky we all feel watching him snooze away in his cozy pet cave bed under the desk. All hail the dog indeed!

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