Make Animal Welfare Go Viral

Give me love and shelter, cherish me and I will love you forever.

Give me love and shelter, cherish me and I will love you forever.

How about we make animal welfare viral?

Did you ever notice how some things, ideas or events spread like wildfire? Have you ever asked yourself why they do that? I just read an interesting article talking about the things that trigger peoples’ need to share. After all sharing is as simple as pushing a button nowadays.

The article spoke about social currency, emotions and other things that trigger the viral movement of, well, just about anything. That got me thinking about how we can make animal adoption viral, I mean, why not right? What more could you ask for? It’s a subject with emotions, and it tells millions of stories; two of the five things the author, Jonah Berger, writes about. When Berger talks about “social currency” he’s talking about the things that make people look like they’re in the know, that there’s a value in the mere act of knowing them. What could have more value than saving the lives of millions of animals every year? Saving them from the horrible situation into which we’ve placed them; by neglect, abuse and ignorance, humans have made the problem of homeless pets, why don’t we become the ones to fix that problem?

I know I’m asking a lot of questions today, but it seems appropriate, because I can’t figure out why; why we haven’t been able to stop puppy mills, why we haven’t been able to spay and neuter more pets. Why we haven’t been able to change an ignorant culture that allows people to abandon those in their care. Why every pet doesn’t have a safe, loving and warm place to sleep at night, a bowl of food and a cozy bed.

How about we make animal welfare viral? Go ahead, you can do it, just hit “share”.

A Dog Day



Does My Butt Look Big in This Bed?

Does My Butt Look Big in This Bed?

I know that this is a funny picture; I mean look at this sweet guy parking his butt in that tiny, little bed. However, what he could be showing me is that he would really like a comfortable place to settle in for a long day at the barn and that as far as he’s concerned, his choices are limited. A lot of us go about our day, some of us are lucky enough to be able to share our days with our dogs, but do we actually go far enough to provide a safe and comfortable environment for our dogs while we are doing so?

Now since this dear dog Sego is one of our regulars at the barn, I happen to know the answer to that question is “yes”. What you can’t see in this picture is that Sego has his own comfy dog bed in another corner of the barn; he’s just occupying someone else’s (for his own personal reasons). All of the dogs also have access to fresh water throughout the day. Sego’s owner also works hard to get him home “on time’ for his supper as he is somewhat demanding about schedules. This really isn’t overdoing the pet care thing; it’s really just being a caring, responsible owner and doing what’s best for your pet.

Doing what’s right can look a little different depending on the dog and it’s family, but the minimum is insuring that physical, emotional and environmental needs of your animal are met regularly and not begrudgingly.  I brush my dog’s teeth every night, some people would call that excessive, however they not only stay healthier, (as do humans with good oral hygiene), and I also haven’t had to pay for a tooth cleaning in over 14 years. That actually sounds pretty reasonable now doesn’t it?  I try to feed them as close to their normal feeding times as possible, keep water always on hand, not exercise them too long in extreme weather and so on.

None of this is rocket science, it’s not time consuming and it’s not inconvenient, it’s just responsible.